Visual Linear Algebra

Learn the fundamental concepts underlying linear algebra with visual tools in this visual introduction.

Topics Covered:Vector Addition & Scaling , Linear Combination , Span , Basis Vectors , Matrices

Learn WebGL/OpenGL

Does computer graphics seem like black magic? Learn about the linear algebra underlying select topics in computer graphics.

Topics Covered:RGB Colors as Vectors , Why we use 4x4 Matrices , Animations , Projection Matrix

About inVectorize

inVectorize introduces topics interactively and leverages a custom-built graphics engine to render in the webpage interactive 3D visualizations. The real time hardware accelerated graphics run on both desktop and mobile devices as they are built with the webGL API.

inVectorize enables students to learn about various topics like Linear algebra and webGL visually and interactively. Most students are visual learners so why not teach topics they way most students learn?

I would like to give special thanks to Grant the creator of 3blue1brown, and his YouTube channel for inspiring me to make this site. I found his videos and geometric insights on linear algebra indispensable to me while taking the course and they made view and appreciate mathematics in a way I never had.

This website is dedicated to Dr. Sayan Basu for sparking my interest in the world of abstract mathematics through the fascinating world of theoretical physics.

I would also like to thank my thesis director Dr. Milé Krajčevski, and committee member Dr. Howard Kaplan for helping me throughout the process of making the series on Linear Algebra.

I am a junior majoring in computer science at the University of South Florida. inVectorize started as a personal project to teach linear algebra while learning about graphics animation through the development of my custom rendering engine. Since then the purpose of inVectorize has expanded to become a visual and interactive learning platform where I explore various topics of interest. The series concerned with linear algebra has also become the topic of my Honors College thesis.
For business inquires you can contact me through email by clicking the email button labeled 'Contact' at the bottom of the page, or through LinkedIn through my profile.